Stuntman really let me down. You just can't save a boring game.

User Rating: 5.3 | Stuntman PS2
To be fair it's been some time since I played Stuntman. But like when a great album takes some time to appreciate and is truly enjoyed after some reflection I felt the complete opposite about Stuntman.

For starters, the game is too picky for it's own good. Though Gamespot reviewed this game as an 8.0 (or "great") their tag line included the phrase "though you might find this game immensely frustrating." Well to put it in perspective great and immensely frustrating are far from synonymous.

After watching a cheesy video preview you're challenged to be the stuntman for the scene. Fair concept, but realistically you're never rewarded for your difficult endeavor. When you do finally make your way to the end of the scene you watch the scene as if it was cut into the movie... and it's boring.

Everything about this game is bland. I'm sorry, I can't put it better than this. I owned Stuntman for about a week before I gave up on it. It was boring, I was not engaged in what the game asked, and more often than not frustrated at trying to obtain the goal for such a small reward.

I play my games for an enjoyable, good time. Unless your a glutton for punishment, I can't recommend this game in good conscience.