Quite possibly the worst game ever made.

User Rating: 2 | Stuntman PS2
There's really nothing fun here. The levels are about 60 seconds long, and very hard, so you're going to be playing the same 60 seconds of video game over and over and over and....

This wouldn't be obnoxious if you didn't have to wait for the level to load every time you restarted. But, you do, and the loadtimes are unforgivably long.

The PS2 controller is really pretty lousy for driving games, lacking analog triggers, but a number of games (notably the Gran Tourismo series) have shown that you can build an acceptable driving control scheme on a PS2 controller. Stuntman doesn't have one.

So, you're stuck playing short, frustrating levels with a terrible control scheme and, for an occasional break, you get to stare at a load screen.

As far as sound and graphics and all of that go, they're unspectacular. The graphics aren't really bad per se, but they aren't really good either. The sound is poor.

I paid $3, and I feel ripped off.