COD, Nazi Zombies. What else do you need?

I am not going to bother with your typical review. Graphics, sound...etc. Theres plenty of reviews with that in there. This review is gonna be split up into section. Online maybe offline. Zombie mode, SP...etc and how I feel about each.

First I got to say WW2 is only dead when its done wrong. Mostly people who have no sense of adventure get sick of WW2. Theres really not much left anymore in games. So enjoy whatever you get. Although if its done right it should be fun. I really want Vietnam games, jungles are fun.

Single Player Offline:
Well SP isn't anything amazing like COD 4 was. Its fun and all but it didn't leave me wanting more SP like COD 4. And if anything this SP campaign was a pain at times. Sometimes I wondered what the developers were thinking when they did certain things. So nothing amazing here.

Single Player Online:
In COOP it sucks even more. Mainly because the difficulty is through the roof. Now I only played around 15 times in SP online so maybe its diffrent or theres another way to find a server so the difficulty isn't so high. But every time I played it impossible for a squad of us to move 500 feet with out all dying. So another negative for me.

Single Player (offline with a friend):
It actually isn't bad with a friend. What game is bad when you have someone playing next to you? But once again game wasn't as amazing as COD 4s SP.

Nazi Zombie (MP, friend or offline by self):
COD 5s best mode period. Everyone since the first WW2 game and the first zombie game has said "What if there were Nazi Zombies?". By yourself its fun but kind pointless simply because its to hard to do it alone. With a friend the screen is split into some crappy smaller then normal tiny squares and it is funner.

But the best play is online with 4 people! Assuming everyone is a team played because a few waves in these zombies are brutal! And it only takes one played that is new, messing around...etc to mess it up. And once that happens people tend to quit which send the game into a "game over" spiral. So make sure even if no one is using a mic that you still say what you intend to do or what someone to do like "Don't open that door" or "Hey there coming in that window!".

MP (offline with a friend):
MP can be fun when its just you and a friend. Its even more fun when you throw in perks!

MP online:
Now I admit I hated COD 4 online. Totally sucked. But this I like online. I got to 65 and all that and it was fun. Some weapon things you earn that are nice, some weapons are nice...etc and the flamethrower is a godsend!

But there are some thing that I don't like. Dogs are just plain to long. You can usually die and respawn and die again from them if not a third time too. And often times knifing fails if not perfectly lined up. Some of the perks like Juggernaut are stupid. While the rest of the perks everything else.

Jugg is the one thing that makes you have more health, which practically give you advantage. Some people say this is not true and doesn't. But I walked up to my friend with a sawed off shotgun WITH the double damage perk on and he didn't die point black shot to the head. This proves how unfair Jugg is.

There are other things online that are annoying to like people that do nothing but camp specific areas with specific weapons for cheap kills. Map glitchers. People that instead of going for an objective rush the other teams spawn and spawn kill. Tanks on maps is just an annoying thing in some maps you'd think they die after enough explosive shoot at them. And even they have perks so they can be "better". I forgot some of the others. But as much of blast as MP is it has some major issues that need to be fixed to and I am sure they will be.

Overall the game is great for Nazi Zombies online or with a friend. MP is awesome too, but hopefully they will fix the MP. I'd rent the game first to see what you think. I can't honestly say if I'd buy the game or not. No one I know likes it that much. And since I maxed out my level already I don't really care to play it that much more anyways.