Stunt Racer 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Get the Interceptor

    Play through the game at normal difficulty and after you clear Dr. Death's League, The Interceptor will be added to your garage

  2. Unlock boss' cars

    To take on these tasks, make sure you have a good car and a firm gip on courses. And be playing at Normal level.

    Code Effect
    Beat Kid Cola, in the Kid's League at Wild West Ruckus Automatron Deluxe
    Beat Bunny, in Bunny's League at the House of Horrors Dreamy Super Jock
    Beat Leroy Tubbs, in the Hill Bully's League at Planet X Midnight Hauler
    Beat Johnny Mean, in Big John's League at Retro Metro The Burly Studmobile
    Beat Dr. Death, in Dr. Death's League at Retro Metro The Wagon of Doom
    Complete the game at Normal or higher difficulty Interceptor
  3. Names

    Enter your name:

    Code Effect
    MOOOOO Milk Truck (have to win one race to use it)
    BUCKYB Skateboard (have to win one race to use it)
  4. Codes

    During a race, on Controller 2:

    Code Effect
    B, Z, Z, B, Up, C-Down, Z, and Start Quick Bucks
    B, left, up, right, right, right, A, start, start, Z, right, A, up, Z, down-c, and start Blurry Graphics
    Up, Up, Up, A, Left, A, A, and then A Bird's Eye View