Quite good in some parts, bad in other parts.

User Rating: 5.5 | Strike Suit Zero PC
At first glance, SSZ is quite an ambitious move in the space sim genre. as i played the game i got the feeling that it could have been better had it been designed to be more fun than a chore.
1) good graphics
2)no bugs encountered
3)intense combat
4) runs smooth in mid spec. pc/desktops

1) Flashy FX. too many flashes on screen makes it difficult to figure out hits coming from which direction. also lots of missile trails on screen. hundreds of enemy ships+ missile trails of both sides+ screen flash on your shield hit = i have no clue whats happening on screen.
2) Clumsy UI. vital ship info at the top takes a lot of eye rolling.
3) Almost no ship customization. only thing you can customize is the weapons loadout; that to with limited weapon types.
4) large waves of enemies makes it hard to accomplish task.
5) no repair/rearm considering the missions are very long and seem to go on.
6) Stupid upgrade system based on hard to achieve objectives.

Especially the 4th and 6th points were very troublesome. i had
to restart checkpoints many times just because of a punishing difficulty. and what's with the upgrade system? you cant focus on a mission with both upgrade tasks and the crucial main mission. whats more, the bonus upgrade task isn't even highlighted in the objective window. an XP system would have been welcome.
I would be glad if i can finish this game, but i didnt get any fun in finishing any missions. It was more like "thank god its over". Freelancer was much balanced and fun even though main missions were tough.
I should give it a 4/10 ,but since i like space-sim genre and wish to encourage future games i give it a 5.5. thats all i can spare.