One of the must-play titles for sega's console.

User Rating: 8 | Bare Knuckle: Ikari no Tekken GEN
What a simple yet addicting game.
The basic concept of just scrolling around in a 2D environment beating up thugs is just so rewarding that you can't stop playing it.Also the story ends up helping you, since it's easy as this (an evil organization especialist in drug dealing and weapon smuggling leaded by someone who calls himself Mr. X ends up being your target as you play in the form of 3 cops (Axel , Adam and Blaze.)

After beating up several thugs you start a fight with the level's boss, in order to finish that stage.The attack pattern is simple: punch,kick, jumping kick, grabbing/throwing, and the special enforcer once per level if ou press A (a police guy arriving by car who shoots an rpg type weapon or a machine gun, depending of the player, either 1st one or 2nd one).

While some bosses are quite easy, there are others who may give you a hard time.
Nothing that can't be beaten by a simple check on their attack patterns.

A great salvation for you is of course the up + C at the same time when you are thrown to be able to stand up without actually falling (which saves some of your energy, especially against throwing-enemies)

And there it is, a simple, short game that entertains you more than some of those complex and bigger games, just because it's pretty accessible and guaranteed fun.

Add an awesome soundtrack by Mister Yuzo Koshiro to the mix and you'll see why this is one of the must-play titles for sega's console.

Also don't forget to play this with a friend in order to experience its full potencial ;)