Street Legal Racing: Redline Cheats For PC

  1. The Race Of Champions

    While in the garage, type ( letmeroc )and click on the fine-tuning button

    Code Effect
    letmeroc Qualify for The Race Of Champions

    Contributed by: lilobaggins 

  2. Cars, Money, and Prestige

    When in the Garage, type in the code then click on "fine tune specific parts."

    Code Effect
    begformoney $1,000,000
    iamcoolguy 3000 prestige points & 4 secret buttons in club info
    kickassreddevil Teleports you to the Red Club and places you 1st in the club rating
    catchmywheels Furrano GTS in your Garage
    bavariancheetah Balenr GT3 in your Garage
    hellofromtokyo Nonus GT2 in your Garage
    racingforreal Duhen CDVC in your Garage
    iloverallies Enula WRST in your Garage
    americanmuscles MC GTLE in your Garage
    granturismo Focer WRC in your Garage
    xtremetuner Einvagen 140GTA in your Garage
    primemyride Prime DLH500 in your Garage
    dragstarr 'Drag Starr' Hauler's SD750

    Contributed by: Infinitos