About as fun as ET on the Atari 2600, and has hard as Battletoads with 17 people at once.

User Rating: 4 | Street Fighter IV X360
Im no new comer to the Street Fighter Series, when i was a kid id play the Orginial Street Fighter II on my Super nintendo like no other and i loved it to death, so when i hear that this game is going to be like Street Fighter 2 i was Omega happy. I eventully rent it for my 360 and i dont have to much of a problom pulling off combos, besides the Ultras. So lets start with the good.

Good: Great Graphics, and choise of characters. The music though annoying as hell is pretty addicting. Animation is smooth and very well done. Voice overs arnt bad for a Dub and the character design is flawless.

Bad:...It's to hard, I had no probloms with STII but this game has caused me not only to have to replace my controler but regret evan careing about it. What makes it so difficult is the AI is like a 33 year old living in his moms basment and does nothing but spam the strongest moves and just KNOWS when your going to do somthing like it can read your mind. I spent 5 hours in training trying to get everything down, but i still cant pull off any Ultras, and i still get wooped on very easy when it comes to seth, it's about as rediculus as Mortal kombat bosses. I never grew up in arcades so im not a fan of Arcade joy sticks.

In conclusion: If your a new commer, dont evan concider playing this, wait till you play the others, This game is ment for people who know nothing but Street fighter.