Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. Play as Akuma

    On the character select screen
    go to Ryu, press Down, Down, Up
    go to Ken, press Up, Up, Down
    go to Ryu, press Up
    go to Ken, press Down
    go to Sean, press Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Up

    Akuma's portrait should appear.

    Contributed by: IHZer0 

  2. Fight Akuma

    Get three perfect victories.Akuma will come up with a raging demon to the boss you are fighting.Now you face Akuma.

    Contributed by: Desert eagle 

  3. Fight Shin Akuma

    Beat Akuma with two finishing specials without losing losing a round. Akuma should leap up and the sky will turn dark and you will face Shin Akuma.

    Contributed by: Desert eagle 

  4. Fight hidden rival

    In the one player mode, you need to get at least 4 super art finishes and must not lose any rounds as you play. After your fourth super finish, the message "Your rival has found you!" will appear on screen and you will get to fight him/her. Each character has a different hidden rival.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  5. Costumes

    Code Effect
    Press Medium Punch and Hard Punch simultaneously Alternative costumes

    Contributed by: Desert eagle 

  6. Enable Gouki/Akuma as a permanent playable character

    Go to the "Test Menu" of the game Go to "Configuration" and select "Game." Then highlight in this order : 'Time Count Speed' and press START x3, 'Event' and press MK x2, 'Screen Mode' and press HK x3, 'Bonus Game' and press START x1, 'Damage Level' and press LK x4 If you hear Gouki's/Akuma's voice, the input was correct.

    Contributed by: agent_x001 

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