If you like Warriors series only. Entirely subjective review.

First, if you played Warriors Orochi 2, you can skip this game, there's not enough here to keep you interested. Mind you this one is in japanese too so that can be a little problem, but for anyone that played any Warriors game before this shouldn't be a big issue.

So, here you have both Warriors Orochi campaigns, extra alternate 'X' campaigns, dream mode and versus mode. There's 90+ characters overall. I would call this game 'Warriors Orochi Ultimate Edition' .

Graphics - 5 - average at best, good textures but not enough variety, ok lightning effects. Many units on screen at once, pc version handles them well. If you ever played Warriors series you're used to the fact that graphics were never a very strong point of this series. Although being newer than DW6 it's on the old engine thus looks worse than DW6.

Sound - 7 - very repetitive tunes, mix of techno and rock. It fits, that's most important. Sound effects seem recycled from previous KOEI games (and that would only be natural)

Gameplay - 9 - for beat-em'ups lovers, very repetitive. You gain levels, power up your characters, fuse weapons. You can switch between 3 different chars during battle.

Fun - 10 - the most important aspect on which I base my final score is fun. This game has it plenty, granted it's not a game you can play 7+ hours straight. Your thumbs would cease to exist. Somehow I find this game very addictive.

Verdict - 9

This game is for certain type of people only - those who like Warriors series. If you don't like those series, it would be max 5/10 for you. This one is definitely the best for PC, better than Orochi 1 or DW 6 for sure.

So, if you want to try Orochi spin-off this one is the one to get.