its a game that could have had alot of things to make it better but with or without is a must have fighting game

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter II GB
first of all this game is very very short and anyone could finish it in 5 to 15 minutes and this was the first time i had played this game

Graphics are good but could have been increased by color
lots of moves(for two buttons)

very short normal mode
not a lot of memorable characters
black and white

Graphics:are great and good but still i wish it had color to make it a truly memorable game and not much is happing in the background like usually in street fighter there would be a street with cages of chickens the is one but it isnt moving which makes it feel dead

Gameplay: Probably worst out of the whole game the only modes are normal which is single player were you vs other players. Versus which i think is with a friend or you have to finished normal but i dont know i finished normal turned off my game-boy turned back on and i cant play it. Survival witch is were you have to survive against a lot of rapid opponents and try to not lose life

Sound: Sucks and thats final

Great for the amount of minutes you play normal but many thing that were obvious should have been noticed and fixed e.g short normal mode but still i would reccomend this game and if you dont think this is for you there is another fighting game for game boy which i heard was good "killer instinct"