the mother of all fighting games!

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ARC
man.i really don't know where to start...this game is must be the best street fighter & the best fighting game of all time along with tekken 3.
it has spawned...omg!i think it's the game that has spawned the most sequels,spin-offs & pirated versions ever!there are tones of street fighter 2's,it's madness but this one is the best.arcade baby!it must be the best arcade game ever.when you insert a coin in this game,you know that something great happened to you.some of the sequels,versions are super street fighter 2,street fighter 2-turbo,alpha,alpha that time,it's main rival was mortal kombat-it makes me laugh!:)a pathetic game from any point of view!
this street fighter series has also spawned a movie...which is not so great even if it's with van damme.
the music from the select screen is epic-it gives me of the greatest moments in gaming history,lol!
the snes version is one of the first games that i ever played-the nostalgia never leaves me alone:)
in a few words,sf2 means ryu,hadouken & soryuken.these 3 words are equivalent with platinum,gold & silver!poor liu kang,i think that he peed his pants...:)
the only female character is chun li,the 2nd best character in the street fighter universe.her greatest hits are the helicopter & the fast kicking.
nr.3 i think it's guille.the american soldier.
the gameplay is fantastic-great combos,moves,strikes,the feeling & psyhics are outstanding-it almost blows the screen of the arcade console!:)
the boss of the game,bison, is not what you have expected-unfortunatelly his omologue shang tsung is far more popular & maybe greater too!
after some fights,there is a small bonus game to test your strenght-smash the car or smash the wall.
liu kang & jin kazama exist because of street fighter 2.they have to bow in front of ryu,lol,because he's the most popular character ever in a fighting game-so he's the best.
one thing is certain-nowadays,if you own a street fighter 2-world warrior arcade console,you're BIG!
the technology of games like street fighter 4,tekken 5 or 6 cannot surpass the greatness of sf2-never!sf2 will be remembered through's a milestone in gaming history,in the society,fighting games & so on,part of the world revolution that took place at the end of the 80's/begining of the 90's!