Uniqueness, delicate timing and controls and classic characters make this a legend. Very replayable.

User Rating: 9.5 | Street Fighter II' Plus: Champion Edition GEN
I Proudly claim this title for the Sega Genesis. I have played many weeks of my life on this game alone. It lives for me as a legend in gaming. With all of the intricate combo attacks, and the simple but complex super moves, mixed with slow or ridiculously fast gameplay, and the uniqueness of each character, this game is everything you could wish for in a fighter. The music is great, and backgrounds are amusing as well. each time you beat the game with a different character, there's a separate ending which is fun in itself. The only suggestion I'd have is the way they die, always falling the same way, but kudos to the slow-mo theatrics of it. All in all, replayability is extremely high. I challenge everyone to play this game. A classic, highly recommended.