Street Fighter 2 is the fighting game to beat. Even with all theese years its remain the masterpiece of all fighting.

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter II ' ARC
Those who has the oportunity to play SF2 in the years was it comes takes itself in front of a game years ahead of the others. With amazing graphics, blazing sound effects with a fell of real impact (no plastic like) in all attacks, super powers and very well balanced (between fighters) SF2 becomes a instant legend, played all around the world with the players want to become the greatest fighter of the world, the propossal of the game. Even today, SF2 is a game converted, edited, reinvented........but all this have one start point SF2 and SF2-CE (my favorite). With this words (even with my annoying english..hehe) i just want to show my love to this game, how important it is to game´s industry and make players don´t forget where it comes.