In this version of Street Fighter 2 all the bugs are worked out and the feel is just right. Amazing game.

User Rating: 9.1 | Street Fighter II' Plus: Champion Edition GEN
Many 2-D fighting games on the older consoles feel very choppy and not very responsive. Street Fighter 2 is as fluid as water and has the awesome feature of letting choose your speed of play. Not very good yet? Set it to slow-mo. Not challenged enough? Set it to hyper mode and just try to make your fingers keep up. With a great roster of characters and slightly updated graphics from the previous Street Fighter 2's, this game is one of the best fighting games ever released. The replay value is better than most, and going head-to-head keeps the game alive after beating it many times. Executing the special moves is quite simple, but can still be challenging to master, and different fighting styles with different characters makes it appealing to many types of gamers. Even if you're not into fighting games, this one deserves a try.