Champion Edition continues the series of the "father of fighting games"givining the oportunity to play with the bosses

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter II ' ARC
It's very hard to say much,my guess is a lot of you people there had played a least once in gaming halls.In 1993 i saw this game first,it had a big cabinet with shiny lights and looking awesome.
I said wow,I must play this and with the months,years to come i played Street Fighter II Champion Edition many,many times(It's one of my favorites).
When Street Fighter II appeared in 1991 a new era of fighting games appeared.The amazing graphics and impressive game play with some combos kept you playing again and again.It was fun,it was irritating,it was the Best.Twelve characters(including the bosses),each with a unique fighting style(Ken&Ryu maybe???)where available.
Okay so Capcom put something more:bonuses
1-Smash the car;2-Punch&kick the oncoming barrels;3-Smash into the flaming barrels was the last one.
I don't know for sure but my guess is Capcom invented the forward cycle(haow-ken),and clockwise one.
Also first game(I think) that had a master( I mean beating the game without loosing a round).
The game was "the root" for many fighting game like K.O.F. series,Fatal Fury and others.
An old school classic who is well known for its responsive gameplay and feeling and shouldn't be missed by everyone.