Pure Street Fighter!

User Rating: 9.4 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
Forget Street Fighter 1, 3, or the Alpha series, this is the true Street Fighter. Playing this game made me a little nostalgic bringing back memories of the first time I played this game some...what was it, 13 years ago? And though this game has added elements from hyper edition (hence the name), its still the closest approximation to the original I have played on almost any platform. The default difficulty is challenging, even for the experienced SF players. If you've been living under a rock and never played Street Fighter, I don't recommend this game because you'll get royally kicked! The graphics and sound match the original game, so don't expect very flashy visuals; however, the game is rich with vibrant colours. The sound, like the original is rough, but if you're a SF purist you'll probably jive with it. It would be unfair to rate this game based on current technology, so its best to keep in mind that SFHF is a homage to it's original. Given this, I highly recommend this game.