This is the best arcade game in XBL

User Rating: 9.4 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
The game is just the same thing we all played in the arcade machines, but this game evolved even more with the Xbox Live service, you can play online with everyone, the best thing is that the game keeps it's combos, powers etc.

Gameplay - The Gameplay is just fine, but it could have been better, the control just doesn't feel right, that was the only problem I had during playing this game.

Graphics - Graphics are still perfect, it keeps the classic style of the Street Fighters games.

Sound - I think this is the best part in the game, this game haves a really nice sound, the voice of the dude when the fight is going to start, the little sound of the menus, music, everything is really nice done.

In fact this is a game that you really have to play, if you didn't played this game when you were a kid, you should play this one and give it a chance, this game is worth the 800 Microsoft Points.