Get your Hype on, it's Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
Street Fighter Alpha? Nah. Street Fighter II Turbo? Pffft. This is Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting people and it's the exact replica of it's arcade form. The joyous days of spending hours in the arcade with money probably given to you by your parents, well now it's here for our Xbox 360 enjoyment. If your unfamiliar to Hyper Fighting or haven't played any of the old school Street Fighters, good luck. Prepare yourself for the cheapest CPU players in single player mode you've even witnessed... and this is on default. If your not experienced with this game your going to have a hard time and possibly go through a controller or 2 in frustration. This game can be ridiculously hard for new comers, but veterans of this game will blow past it and pick-up some achievements while they're at within a few hours. For the newbie's I suggest training first, seriously, it's that hard. Street Fighter II: HF is certainly a piece of work and well worth the wait (and delays) to see this come to the 360.

This game comes packed with it's good 'ol fashioned story mode where you travel to different countries taking on the rest of the Street Fighter cast, a training mode for the newcomers or for those who are a little rusty. All your favourite characters are here: Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Zangief, Blanka and the rest. This game comes with a decent amount of options menu, allowing you to customize your controls, change the difficulty even change your Quarter Match icon.

Now, for the the best part, Live! Thanks to Capcom and Microsoft, you can play this game over Xbox Live to challenge other people around the world. Playing on Live isn't always fun as you'll soon come to realize. Think your good? Try bringing it online, there are people out there (and I'm sure they already have this game) that can destroy in a matter of seconds, you will soon come to hate them. If you are good or you've been practicing enough, there's now a ranking system to see how you add up to everyone else that has this game. Another addition new is the new Quarter Match, kinda like a round robin with 5 people total. 2 people are always fighting while the others are watching, the loser will swap with any one of the players in spectator mode and the next match will ensue. This is more for people who like to battle socially or if you have 5 friends who have this game, this is the spot to get them and just play the game against each other. Since the quarter match is more of a social thing, it's like a Player Match, it's not ranked.

The achievements are exactly what you expect them to be. You got your beat the game achievement, beat the game on hard, beat the game without losing a match and even beat the game without losing a round! How crazy is that? Of course, this game also sports the online achievements where you have to play in 10 ranked matches, win 10 matches and then win 30 matches all for ranked mulitplayer. The achievements are all self explanatory and the rest can be read from the achievements section of the game.

Over the years there has been many Street Fighter games, but Hyper Fighting has been held up to be the greatest of them all and this Xbox 360 port is no different. This game is fun, challenging and it's been well worth the wait.

Oh and one more thing....