Street Fighter II+Online= The best 2d fighting game ever

User Rating: 9.7 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
I had never played SFII because it was before my time i never really was in to fighting games untill DOA4. I was very happy about the announcement of SFII coming to Xbox live arcade because it would be the first time i have ever played the game.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is perfected everything is so balanced the fight really isn't over untill its over. The online is amazing i have experienced no lag this game was truely worth the wait.

Graphics 10/10

Best graphics ever for a street fighter II game they look a lot cleaner and of course there is HD support.

Sound 7/10

The sound is annoying in some levels like the india level with the elephants... But i do enjoy the sound when a punch connects or of a Shoryuken.

value 10/10

800 ms points kinda sucks but its SFII ONLINE!!! You could play this game forever.

tilt 10/10

Its great fighting game and i recomend anyone who likes fighting game get this game.