Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Cheats For PlayStation

  1. CPU Controls a Round In Team Battle

    To let the computer control your character during one of the rounds in a Team Battle, quickly press and hold L2 and select during the loading screen before the round begins.

  2. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat Arcade mode at the hardest difficulty setting. You can see this new option in the option menu. Extra Options
    Beat arcade mode with all characters (including secret). You can now view the credits in the ending collection (option menu) Ending Credits
  3. Fight Shin-Akuma

    Get to M. Bison's stage without losing a single round. Akuma will come in and K.O. Bison.

    Completing this without losing a round will also unlock the "Extra Options" as well.

  4. Fight Shin-Garuda

    Beat every level in arcade mode,and you will get to fight boss garuda,however you will need to KO your opponents with only super specials and not losing any rounds.

  5. Play as powerful Vega, Akuma, and Garuda

    Gain enough experience to display pictures of Vega, Akuma, and Garuda in the Expert Mode screen. Now go to the character select screen and hold Start whilst choosing either Vega, Akuma, or Garuda.

  6. Misc. Codes

    Code Effect
    Select Cracker Jack, then hold Up + Square + Circle + R1 + R2 until the match starts Aluminum Bat
    Highlight practice at the mode selection menu, then press Start, Up, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Start. Then go into practice mode. Bonus Barrel Game
    Highlight practice at the mode select screen and press Select, Up, Right, Down, Right, Select Hidden Characters

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura 138K
Character Guide Akuma by Videogameman 95K
Character Guide Ryu by Videogameman 79K
Character Guide Evil Ryu by Videogameman 88K
Character Guide Super Akuma by Videogameman 94K
Combo FAQ Combo FAQ by Videogameman 33K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura 100K
Character Guide Evil Hokuto by ELittles 19K
Character Guide Chun-Li by CDyke 29K
Character Guide Pullum Purna by CDyke 22K
Move List Move List by Vermillion 11K
Character Guide Sakura by DrBlasfemy 5K
Character Guide M. Bison by DValentin 11K
Other Expert Practice Mode FAQ by HLaPierre 41K
Character Guide M. Bison by DValentin 15K
Character Guide Guile by DValentin 13K
Translation Guide Translation Guide by HLaPierre 3K
Other Colors Guide by CDyke 5K