Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) is a classic game and is one of my favorite games of all-time.

Ah, 1994! come June I was set to graduate high school. But, in the month of April something really good was going to happen before that all important step in life: I was going to play Super Metroid. I was so very hyped for this game. I saved up enough money to order through the Sears catalog. It finally arrived in a Super Nintendo game-sized box and there was no doubt I was going to embark on a wonderful adventure.

The intro. Let me tell I've never been so moved than listening to the eerie intro music. I was captivated at the start. I also enjoyed the initial fight with Ridley. Seeing Samus Aran's gunship land on the planet Zebes, in the rain, left me in awe.

As with any Metroid game there is alot of exploration and this game has plenty of areas in which to explore. The thing I liked is that sometimes you need certain power-ups/weapons that you need in order to progress. There are a variety of both. The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack really fits the mood of the game. The gameplay is perfect and anybody who's never even played a Metroid game will be able to do so without a problem. The enemies are plentiful and the boss fights are pretty epic especially those familiar with the Metroid series.

The game is not that difficult. Everything is pretty much straight-forward and you may have a "hmm" moments but, you're able to move on in no time at all.

The awards/reception of this game is well deserved. It is, like I said, one of my favorite games of all-time. Everything about the game just flows from the graphics, music, enemies, and story. It is a game that I can play forever and that is no joke. Nintendo Wii owners are very fortunate that this game is available for download on the Virtual Console. It is a gem of a game and definetely a game that everybody should play.