If you liked the others, you should love this sequel

User Rating: 8.6 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
I love to fight and to fight with friends. In this game you can go into storyline mode, single player, or multiplayer. Multiplayer you can play with friends, single player you play the computer, and storyline mode you follow and unlock each characters story. They still have basic characters, and a few new ones. Of course my personal favorite being Chun Li, I always use her. You have time attack mode to see how many characters you can beat, and how long it takes you to beat all of them. And always your practice mode, so you can brush up on your moves before you play. One thing i like is that your friends can play in practice mode with you, and in practice mode it shows you which moves take how much power. You a Street Fighter fan, play this, I garuntee you will like it, or grow to.