In the world of Street Fighter, Street FIghter Alpha 3 stands as royalty. Both the Alpha and Omega does it stand.

User Rating: 9.7 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
The Street Fighter universe is nothing short of amazing at the vast number of fight fans on the planet. From Japan to the U.S., the gaming world has been blessed by one of Capcom's greatest masterpieces.

The 'Alpha' series has thrilled the fans of the fighting genre and Street Fighter itself has triumphed over its competition since the beginning. Fight fans like myself still beg to play more new titles but will always be pleased and hallow the grounds of "Street FIghter Alpha 3." One of the few 2D fighting games, and one of the first fighting games ever to introduce an RPG like custom character build up. With hours of gameplay and plenty of fighters in this superb title, the hardest problem is putting down the controller. Able to slow your fighting or speed it up to hyper standards, whoever the player(s), Alpha 3 suits all types of fight fans.

The gameplay, as always offered by Capcom in the Street Fighter series, is a roller coaster ride of fun. Tackle the computer or have a versus or team battle with your friends. Also as a landmark game that introduced co-op fighting, tackle the computer with a friend in a co-op play mode. All the classic characters you love are present as well some new ones to keep a smile on your face. The sound and graphics are a beautiful sight for the eyes and was a landmark in its day. Even to date, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is one of the most memorable and enjoyable fighting games out there. This is arguably one of the best fighters ever created and perfect in all aspects of a skilled fighting game.

The only downside if it is a bother to players is the storylines. Some find it lacking at times and wish their was more to the stories. Each character has an ending but quite short and sometimes odd.

In conclusion, this is just one excellent game that if you haven't played yet, your missing out. Add this platinum trophy to your collection if you haven't done so already. Play on fight fans! This is Dr. J with another review for you, the people of the gaming world.