One of the greatest games ever made.

This game has the best fast paced beat I have ever played. It has many different features, including Chaos, level select, and multi-player. Chaos are small little animals in the Chao garden. You bring animals and vials to them to level them up. Or you can buy certain food from the black market. But if you don't use Chaos and win all the races and Karate Tournaments then won't get all the emblems. Level select is a mode where you can redo the levels that you have already beaten. You also have four different missions you can do in the levels you have beaten. The multi-player has many different modes. Such as race, emerald hunt, and robot battle. If you like Sonic the hedgehog then this is definitely a must have game. The emblem collecting will take you months to get all 180 emblems. If you do there is a special treat for you as well. The price should be only about ten dollars now too. So it will be cheap.