You cant give this up Buy it or Die.

User Rating: 7.8 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
As an avid Street Fighter player I would say I know more than enough to tell why this game is hot and why it is not. For years Capcom has cashed in on this series adding little things here and there. With this game though Its like having it all in one nice neat package. Street Fighter to the uninitiated is a world famous fighting series. It is a somewhat tell of the journey of Ryu. The first games in the series didnt have much of a story and guess what nither does this one. Thats ok because not many fighting gamers rarely care about that. This one is a great game for a couple of reasons. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is big for 3 reasons. First its got great gameplay where you are familiar with the tried and true controls. You have phenominal replay value as you can do the world tour mode and edit a player to your liking. Second the sheer number of fighters is astounding for this type of game. Its like almost everyone in the history of Street Fighter is present. The graphics are kinda average considering when this game came out. Thirdly you'll Love it because of its plentiful amount of things to do. You can fight co op and not just against againt one computer opponent but mutiple and in multiple game modes besides survival. You can also do the world tour I mentioned earlier. This mode makes form some great challenges and test your street fighter prowess. Some of the things that are bad is the frame rate could've use some work. The sounds while good could have been better. The voices are pretty cool though (Ha Do Ken) lol. If your looking for a good romp then this one will not only take you back itll keep you there. Go ahead Street Fighter triumph or die. PEACE OUT!!