Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX Cheats For PSP

  1. Fight Shin-Akuma in Final Battle!

    Hold L + R while selecting the Final Battle mode to fight Shin Akuma in Final Battle!

    Contributed by: hurricanedarby 

  2. Extra ISM-Pluses

    With a World Tour Character or entry mode character, you can unlock extra ISM-PLuses by beating any mode that allows an Entry Character to be used, without continuing.

    Contributed by: Crawdad 

  3. Use Shin Gouki

    Beat "Arcade Mode" with Evil Ryu once. Afterwhich, press and hold "Select" when using Gouki.

    Contributed by: Williamgo 

  4. Play as ''EX-M.Bison'' and ''Final-Vega''

    Beat "Arcade Mode" once, then, at the character select screen, press and hold "Select" and choose M.Bison ( Balrog in the USA ) or Vega ( M.Bison in the USA ) .

    Note: Final-Vega is NOT available in all game modes.

    Contributed by: megamagicmaniac 

  5. Unlock ISM Plus upgrades

    Even after completing World Tour Mode, there are more ISM Plus upgrades to unlock for your World Tour character (or to be used for any character created in Edit Mode). To unlock these, save your game after completing World Tour Mode and register your World Tour character in Entry Mode. Now use that character in other modes to unlock the ISM Plus upgrades.

    Code Effect
    Beat Survival Boss Mode with a World Tour character. Supreme Alpha Power
    Beat Survival Original Mode with a World Tour character. Super Alpha Power
    Beat Survival Arcade Mode with a World Tour character. Alpha Power
    Beat Final Battle Mode (hold L+R when selecting mode) with a World Tour character. Multiple Taunt
    Beat R. Dramatic Mode with a World Tour character. Custom Combo Charger
    Beat Arcade Mode with a World Tour character. Status Plus
    Beat Africa A8 In World Tour Custom Combo
    Beat America A4 In World Tour Overall Power Up
    Beat Africa B7 In World Tour Guard Power Plus
    Beat America B4 In World Tour Super Combo Gauge Plus
    Beat America C4 In World Tour Supreme Guard Smash
    Beat Gokuentou In World Tour Air Chain Combo
    Beat Africa A7 In World Tour Infinite Guard
    Beat Europe B3 In World Tour Guard Smash
    Beat Europe B2 In World Tour Alpha Cancel
    Beat Europe A3 In World Tour Super Alpha Cancel
    Beat Europe A2 In World Tour Alpha Combo
    Beat Survival R. Dramatic Mode With World Tour Character Super Guard Smash
    Beat VS 100 Kumite Without Losing SC Guage Recovery

    Contributed by: Big Bear 

  6. Super-Hard R. Dramatic Battle

    After you have completed 100 Kumite with a perfect score, hold R, L, and Select while selecting the R. Dramatic Battle mode, and select a world tour character. If you manage to beat this mode where the AI is beefed up and has unlimited specials, you will get the infinite auto-gaurd ism-plus!

    Contributed by: thenosman 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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