A good game that could have been better with some better controls. (full review inside)

Hey GS

Dragon Ball Z Budoki Tenkaichi 2 (Manchester City 0) is a good game that with a bit of fine tuning could be a breakthrough for beat em' ups of this type.

Now i know what your thinking (or do i??) "Its a DBZ game, its childish, its licensed, it must be crap" Well, first off, people who think games are childish are children them selves and by the laws of the universe, it should be crap. But, amazingly its not. Find out why below.


Whilst i was never a really huge fan of DBZ, i do know what the series looked a like and the cell shaded graphics really capture the feel of the show. And it has some pretty impressive looking beam attacks and some smooth animation. However, my one nit pick with the graphics is the fact that it lags like hell when you do an attack thats so powerful the world explodes...sort of.


I don't know if these are the real voice actors from the show, but they sound pretty good and just adds to that anime like feel this game seems to be loaded with. Sound effects are also pretty good with beams, explosions and punch impact sounds all sounding the part.


The games biggest let down! Yes they work, if your worried about that. But they are so dam frustrating with you having to keep the cursor on screen, and do moves that sort of, slightly resemble what the characters are doing, but could have been so much better if they use motion sensing instead of the pointer cursor thing.


Takes you through the entire DBZ series and the DB:GT series and a few movies and What if?? scenarios. Pretty long for a beat em' up. But its also rather easy...a bit to easy. Multi player however is another downfall. Yes its fun, but whats with the split screen camera? Yes its sort of required to play, but it just takes away from the experience and i just don't like it.


Its a OK game that i wouldn't recommend buying because DBZ: BT3 is out. Which is better in nearly every way. So you know...this is rather out dated. However, if you want to start getting into the DBZ games, this is a good place to start, just don't get the impression that its going to be great. But Kudos for being licensed and not being a complete worth of money.


P.S. Id like to put down how I Score games (this is important if you want to understand why my score is so 'low':
1 - Utter rubbish
2 - Utter rubbish
3 - rubbish
4 - average
5 - Good
6 - Pretty good
7 - Great
8 - Greater than 7
9 - Awesome
10 - so great ill never review a game thats this good...period.