Almost everything changed...almost

I played this two years after its release. I got the first and found many flaws as a game in it. Sure the cities were awesome but the game had very noticeable flaws. To much use of the same mechanics. No penalties for not being stealthy...Altair couldn't swim...No trophies on PS3...
Good graphics. Good story Good soundtrack. Not enough these days

Ezio brings a fresh adventure with all those issues solved. Stealth still isn't perfect but it's there. I'd say story is very well built and jumping gameplay really addictive. Graphics got even better and the game really is fully of magnificent details. It was close to being perfect but I'd say the economics introduced get to easy too soon and combat is still to easy.

I just got Brotherhood and hope it keeps me paced for Revelations because it's one of the most interesting universes to follow!