Never played a gamelike this,it's a superb game and it will you scare more than you imagine,once again Capcom does it...

One of the best horror games i've played,if you never played or you didn't even know about this game,i really recommend you to play it,and you need really play it if you are a fan from Resident Evil and the bloody capcom style,because this is a terrific game,in everything,graphics are superb for me,the controls are cool,it could be worst,and the sound is awesome,you can hear the footsteps from the enemy and the music starts after the enemy sees you,it's very cool,but it scares a lot!!Well,in my opinion,there are only 2 characters that scared me most,they are the 2 first enemys,who are Debilitas,a mental handycap who wants to get some fun in the bed with you,and then you have the servant,Daniela,the one that scared me most,you really will be scared with this one,because he picks up a real sharp and big glass,and goes all the time following you to kill you,it's very very scary,so i recommendo you to play at night to have the full pleasure of scary moments,i believe that you will be scared,even if you are 30 years old,and beleive me,i played many scary games but maybe this was the one that scared me most,because the enemies appear whenever they want,so you got to be full alert all the time and you never know in which corner they are...This game is in parts,there are 5 bosses i guess,Debilitas,Daniela,Ricardo,Old Lorenzo and Young Lorenzo,so in each part of the game,in this order like i said,they will be pursuing you and you have to hide or to try make them suffer till they stop for a while,and after that they return...In each of these parts,you have a fighting challenge were you can't run,you've got to fight them,but the worst fight is the final and the first,the others are easy believe me,it's worst running away from them during the game than fighting them when you reach the final part of the chapter (the boss of each chapter).Well,i recommend you to buy this game,because even the extras of the game are very cool,and you have 5 different endings,so what are you waiting for??