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What Gamespot Users have to say about Stolen

  • User Rating 1.5

    ''my worst spent €20!!!''

    Rated on July 14, 2006 by jason_jalet

    this game is nothing but AWFULL. I really tried to like it, but after I completed the first level, I felt so RIPPED OFF. I brought it back the next day thank god. It now sells on PC for €1.29 its so b...

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  • User Rating 5.5

    Stolen - un juego mal robado (Spanish)

    Rated on February 06, 2006 by xLuther

    Antes que nada, Stolen es un título excelente para un juego que está, sin sutilezas, robado. En lo primero que vas a pensar cuando veas a tu protagonista Anya Romanov, una habilidosa ladrona, es en el...

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  • User Rating 5.8

    This game is not what it said to be in the previews. It's totally unworthy for buying.

    Rated on April 19, 2005 by MichaelSiu

    This game got quite high reputation in the previews. But after playing it, it was a huge disappointment. The gameplay is like Thief 3 and the aspects are copied from splinter cell and metal gear solid...

    2 out of 12 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 7

    After a few hours, I think this game is pretty enjoyable. I don't think it is being given a fair shake....

    Rated on April 28, 2005 by yamsi3467

    I was worried after seeing a lot of the comments on the Web about Stolen. I picked it up yesterday, and played it for a couple of hours last night. A lot of people are comparing it to Splinter Cell,...

    7 out of 9 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 1.2

    Wow! Talk about a great game gone bad...

    Rated on June 11, 2005 by royboy2100

    I have to admit, I was somewhat captured by this game, not only because of the girl character, but the gameplay. Installation was a breeze. Starting the game, it felt like my computer was a Pentium 1 ...

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  • User Rating 3.4

    Waste of time, that is all you need to know.

    Rated on February 27, 2006 by Camper_On_Creat

    Well, the game is selling at full price, and it is a very cheapily made game. Bad graphics, and just uniinteresting gameplay. It tries to rip off of splinter cell, and if it would have accomplished ...

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  • User Rating 8.2

    The teen version of all those stealth games. Personally I love it.

    Rated on March 15, 2006 by Nintendokid891

    This game is a teen version of all those stealthy M games. Understand im not allowed to play Halo and stuff like that, so i play the teen copy. For example i cant play Halo so I play Metroid. Any way ...

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  • User Rating 5.4

    Cold have been better

    Rated on November 30, 2005 by Codename47xxx

    Ils much less than I've expected. Than i've seen the intro, I've expected more action and acrobatics. Ania can't kill, that', the original idea, but could have been done much better. Levels are too si...

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  • User Rating 5.5

    Don't bother, you've already played this game...

    Rated on April 29, 2006 by the_dreaming_1

    This game is a cross between tomb raider and splinter cell but only if both those games sucked and I mean alot. The only good part about this game is that the main character looks hot in a tight leat...

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  • User Rating 1.1

    Run from this title, Run I say!

    Rated on May 02, 2006 by dhufford

    Oh great gaming gods why do you mock me with such drivel and trash!?! This game went from storyboards to final development without one person on staff asking the question, should we even make this gam...

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