Fast Paced, Chaotic, Heart Racing, you name it come one come all the Adrenaline junkies.

User Rating: 8.5 | Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor X360
Small Background Tidbit

This game is interesting to say the least, WW2 style Art pieces, The Story Involves America taking back America, calling all Patriots.. XD.

Gameplay Background Tidbit

Kinect, the motion sensing tech is pretty freaking good, however. you must really watch how you! the player react and move yourself about while playing this game, because you should've known this but last I checked Gamers aren't exactly "Precise" or Accurate when it comes to moving their hands around a TV with a Camera Mimicking their movements, So that being said video tape yourself when you play this game and maybe just maybe you will find out what is really happening, and how much the Kinect is trying to help you. Off to a better topic being in the Cockpit is Awesome as hell, the sounds of your guns are sweet, the periscope is funny, and the realism factor is there to, all though you might be a 40 ton giant, you can die by Ventilation problems, having your legs shot right from under you, and become basicly neutralized with your periscope and your little peeking window pretty much destroyed. so about 4 ways to die, and then some. Difficult much? yeah to say the least. aside from that its pretty fun.

My Opinion

wish it had some Versus and some more multiplayer features, jump into some perks and what not would be fun, and maybe like Dust 514 link this game to a Naval game on the PC, Perhaps World of Warships, when it releases of course lol would be some real Creativity involved there, but thinking outside the box is important. aside from these few suggestions, I would give it a few more customizable options and a larger base of replay value, really anything would work.. the Hard work Blood sweat and tears is in the game already now give it some Cookies and people will have a blast.

Okay Serously!! if your going to use the Kinect, allow the voice to come into play, I wanna tell my loader to load HE or AP its kinda silly to press a button to communicate what ammo type, and I wanna tell my radio man to pull up the radar or whatever that thing is, and the autocannon loader to start the damn engine, that is my biggest complaint here.