stop the endless spawning ..

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10 zombies coming out of a house is fun, 15 is interesting, but 30 is just a test of patience - another "fetch this"-game that tries to balance and prolongue its shortcomings with masses of enemies ..

patch (fetch) this: - make the daytime cycle longer

- limit the spawning

- give some more time to plan ahead ( if the game demands constant fetching at least gimme some time in between)

this game reminds me so much of the weak points of gta IV - specially the part when you get called from your "friends" to spend time ..

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both your posts have been complaints. just stop playing the game.
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 i don't see it as complaint - more of constructive criticism 

- heard undead labs hired someone AFTER releasing the game for quality assurance - so maybe they change a little with further patches ..

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I disagree
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they do need to remove the quick spawning of zombies, in particular going out to the farm cleaning all the zombies out leaving up the road for 2 mins and the farm is over-run again.... I understand it can't be 100% realistic as it might be too easy at the same time would be nice to have a chance to completely wipe out the zombies in an area if you keep on your toes.