Some things need more explanation

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maybe I missed it but some things I'm not getting. Like when you look at a weapon in your inventory, for example my rifle, it has symbols with boxes next to them and the weight. I'm guessing one means scope, one is whether it has a silencer, one is reload time I'm guessing. Not sure about the others..damage? What does the wrench mean? That my gun can be upgraded..or does it mean since only 1 box is filled in that it is about to break? 


Really enjoying this game but it could use a better tutorial or a manual would be great!!

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So far i have not seen any detail tutorials. here this is some of my guess: wrench = durability (yes, guns do wear and tear) speaker = weapon silenced? (Y/N) ((())) = the loudness of the weapon when fired gun = reload speed crosshair = scoped? (Y/N) As far as upgrade goes, it can only be attached with silencer, every other function has to be from the gun itself. Note that silencer will break after certain number of shots
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And outposts, I have no idea how they are supposed to be a supply cache works! 

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And outposts, I have no idea how they are supposed to be a supply cache works! 

outpost: 1. supply locker will be deploy at the building and it allow player to restock/rearm your characters inventory 2. Creating a safe zone by prevent any zeds from spawning in that zone - several well position outpost will decrease zeds activity in the area. 3. able to upgrade with fire traps to destroy incoming zombie horde or anything that is within the vicinity, 4. Resource boost - each outpost depending on the building type will generate +1 resource /day.
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thanks y3ivan. about infestations, i keep losing morale because there are too many infestations. i take them out when i'm in the area to get to them, but otherwise i'm busying helping allies, doing story missions, finding resources, etc. is there a better way to lower infestations...more outposts maybe? a lot of time there is too much to do at one time so i get the "too many infestations" alert, or i miss something else and lilly tells me i "missed a great opportunity"

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  1. Hello can any of you help me with where I find building material? 
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wolffman, look around factories and you'll definitely find some (theres quite a few on the southwest corner of the map). if you want to make it easier, just go to your house screen, click on the radio room, and you can have lilly locate a location of any source (for a little cost of influence).