save system

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does anyone already know about the save system? can you save manually? 

since i've heard about the perma-death it worries me to lose progress when the game crashes or freezes and there's only auto-save (like the desastrous hitman save system)

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No manual save; however, the game self-saves very frequently.  Also, you always respawn at your base when you re-load(no matter where is saves).  

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If you switch characters, it will save as soon as you turn into the other character. That's a good way to make sure you saved. I noticed when you quit game it also saves on the main menu, which doesn't make sense because when you select quit game, it says "are you sure? you will lose all unsaved progress" which doesn't make sense, because it saves on the main menu after you quit!
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giving no option for manual saving nowadays is negligent ..

consoles tend to freeze - specially with games like "dark souls" or this, where you put a lot of time into - they should have a manual save option