Is this like DayZ?

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Without the multiplayer aspect of coarse. Haven't heard anything about this game until today when I turned my Xbox on... so it just had me curious.

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It's hard to compare. I would say no cause zombies in dayz are very minimal and the real issue is the people I don't think you ever directly fight people in this game. It has yet to happen. But if you like dayz I think you'll like this. It's not as hardcore, but if you get surrounded by zombies, you're in a lot of trouble. You will run out of stamina and barely get out alive. It has a lot of objectives and missions, you scavenge houses, you can move your base around. It's not as hardcore as dayz, but it's a tough game. Not to say you couldn't take on two or three zombies one on one. But when you need food and you also need to go save your missing survivor, plus that guy who wanted to talk to you might not want to later, plus you just made too much noise in a house and alerted the nearby zombie horde, It gets intense.
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If I had to liken it to any other Zombie game, I would liken it to DayZ.  That being said, the other poster put it pretty well: They are still very different.  Almost like a Zombie Sim with DayZ aspects and a story, etc.  Considering it's only $20, you should get this game if you liked DayZ.

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and perma death. as well as a lot of decision making.
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From my playing of the demo, I see it more as a "zombie survival sim". Sure you can go out and kill zombies, but to do well, you have to have group members scrounging for supplies and building/improving your home base.