House facilities and outposts removed after game exit?

#1 Posted by DBrentster (25 posts) -

I made some upgrades/facility additions to my home (i.e. garden and training area) as well as set up an outpost.

I turned off the game and came back later and they were gone.  This happened a couple of times.

Is this normal?

#2 Posted by nm15 (356 posts) -

I've had a couple things where the save didn't happen properly.  The other day I finished my 1st playthrough.  Started my 2nd and I saw the save icon pop up.  Came back the next day and the continuation was from my 1st playthrough.  So I had to start my 2nd over.  

#3 Posted by DBrentster (25 posts) -

Thanks, I might just wait until patch 2 comes out and start over.  Fortunately I'm not too far into the game.