Do people really want a...?

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I know Undead Labs has talked of an MMO follow-up, but I have to ask do people even want one? I'd much rather have a full retail sequel with much more features and co-op than an MMO than could very well mean the end of Undead Labs if it proves unsuccessful.

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Its not a full blown MMO, they want to do a 16 player gameworld, I am just hoping its 16 playing working together and not pk'ing people to steal all their supplies like in Fail Z
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hopefully there will be pvp and pve servers
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also would be nice if you die you become a zombie and can control it until you die again
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You've got to admit, it could make an unsual and interesting MMO. Then again, you'd need to have an absolutely massive gameworld to make it work, since crowded zones would really kill the atmosphere.

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there is already info about it, its not an mmo like most people think with thousands of people in one gameworld it would only be 16 in each game world
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a 16 player mmo, thats not really an mmo tho. Just a multiplayer option lol