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Okay.. we all know the rules with zombies.  Certain things do not translate to gameplay very well.  Every game with zombies I've seen, your character gets bit, but does not get sick.  They can only use the "immunity" excuse so many times.  My question is, how would you all handle bites from a gameplay perspective?

My thing is, I think it would be incredibly cool to incorporate the possibility of ending up a zombie in a game like this.  Like you get bit and over a few days you start getting weaker, visibly pale, delirious, essentially you end up like Roger in Dawn '78.  Your team has to push you around in a wheelbarrow, give you morphine, wait for you to die, etc.

State of Decay you could pull this off because you just switch characters, but obviously the problem is in a game, we're going to get overwhelmed, snuck up on.  Essentially, not being bitten even once would be a serious accomplishment, but the majority of players WOULD get bit, and the game would be annoying if you just contracted the virus and died.  I'm just kind of sick of them either never explaining why being bitten has no effect or they conveniently dub you immune.

Dead Rising 2 had a medicine that would stave off your daughter's turning, but never completely cure her.  I kind of like that idea on a main character, but do you have any other ideas?

I'd also like wounds of specific severity.  For example, if you really screw things up, like just let the zombies on you, and you were bit on the neck, it should show that wound on your character, you should bleed out of the throat, you should be visibly weaker, the wound should be bandaged and the bandaging should show.  If you get bit on the arm, someone should cut off the arm like Walking Dead and you have to then compensate.  I love the idea of seeing varying injuries in the people of your camp.  Have someone with one leg crutching it like Hershel.

Any ideas on bites in a zombie game that follows all the rules?

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Also, let's say your character is a father, and he goes on a mission, you get massacred by zombies.  Your perspective shifts to another character, but the father is deemed missing.  A couple of days later, that zombie father should find his way back to camp because zombies have a sense of what they used to do, and where they used to go.  When he shuffles back to the camp, let's say you're playing as his daughter at the time.  When she sees him, that should be an event, possibly scripted, and she should have a hard time shooting him because of emotional compromise.. the controls should make it hard to shoot him, maybe even based on something like an emotional stat, like how cold and calculated is that character currently.  Based on experience, if she's been out a lot, the effect on the aiming controls are not so severe, but if she's fresh, it should make it almost impossible to shoot her dad.  Your thoughts?

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I like The Walking Dead idea of everyone being infected while alive, any kind of death bringing people back and the bites bringing on a usually fatal infection.