Startopia Cheats For PC

  1. Enable Codes

    During Gameplay, hold F11 and type "rshift" (without the quotes), a message should appear as a signal it worked

    Code Effect
    right shift + > speed up the game
    right shift + < Slow down the game
    Right Shift + L Normal Speed
    F11 + TOMFDIGSMANGA Toon Items

    Contributed by: Barbarrubia89 

  2. StarTopia Cheats

    During gameplay, hold F11 and type the following codes:

    Code Effect
    RSHIFTLEVELWIN Right Shift + Numad 6 wins the level (with numlock off).
    RSHIFTSPEEDUP Alter Time. Right Shift + > speeds up, Right Shift + < slows down, Right Shift + L returns to normal, Right Shift + : goes to maximum speed.
    RSHIFTSCUZZERCAM Scuzzer Cam Mode. Right Shift + Numpad 7 goes to next Scuzzer, Right Shift + Numpad 8 goes to previous Scuzzer (with numlock off).
    XYZZY Full Alpha Mode.
    BANGUNSNOTGAMES Wire Frame Mode.
    TOMFDIGSMANGA Cel Shader Mode.
    CLIVEROOLZ Speccy Effect. Once is traditional 256x192 pixel Spectrum mode, twice is your resolution, and three times is back to normal.
    SHOWFPS Display Frames Per Second.
    SCRIPTINFO Display script information. Right Shift + TAB cycles through display types, Left Shift + TAB cycles backwards.

    Contributed by: Daeval 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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