A great expansion to one of the best mmo's out there.

Guild Wars Factions offers a new continent to play on. In this game there is an Asian theme to it, so the environments look a lot different.

You get to pick from 8 classes now, the assassin and ritualist. All the other classes return with new looks and different items.

The game play is still the same. You go around doing quests and getting new stuff. thou the one thing about quests are that you get a lot of experience doing most of the quests so you level up really fast. After you reached the maximum level, you really do not feel like playing through the rest of the game.

The graphics still look really good and are updated a bit.

The sound is pretty good. The music has a Asian sound to it now, adding good effect.

There is an improved PvP in this game that offers more options to choose from.

The game still has no monthly fee and it will run on a very slow Internet connection, so if you are looking for another great mmorpg then you should play Guild Wars Factions.