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  1. All tech and infinite parts

    Go into whichever campaign folder you want to get all tech in. Then find a file called ''Campaign.cs''. Open it, and if it ask's you what to use to open it, find ''Notepad'', NOT ''Wordpad''.

    In it, find a line that says ''usePlanetInv = true;'', and change it to ''usePlanetInv = bool;''.

    Then change ''techLevel = 3;'', to ''techLevel = 10;''.

    Now close Notepad, and it'll prompt you if you'd wish to save the changes you made to Campaign.cs, say Yes, so that it'll save those changes.

    For these effects to work, you'll have to start a new campaign, in whichever campaign you modded.

    Contributed by: Unfriendly Fire 

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