Tips for a new player?

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Hey guys, I recently bought Starhawk however I seem to be really struggling with the multiplayer. I find myself being left behind the action and nothing I do seems to affect the gameplay for my team in a positive way. Do any of you have any tips on how to get to grips with the multiplayer and what to focus on doing? (Building, fighting etc.) Cheers!
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Well, I've only had it for a little while...but I've gotten a knack for how things work.  ANYONE is free to correct me if I'm wrong.  I'll be basing this off of CTF. 


First, when a game starts, determine whether you're an attacker, a mid (support kind of), or defense.  Attackers do what you would think, attack.  Usually these people LOVE to get in the enemy's base and screw things up.  They get in hawks and destroy shields, turrets, and other buildings.  They also have a knack for capturing the flag.  Mid players, or supports, are something that I kind of realized myself.  Mid players are kind of like wings in soccer, and go wherever they're needed.  Generally, as I usually play mid, it's your job to support everyone.  To do this successfully, it's usually a good idea to try and build an outpost somewhere useful.  Anywhere closer to the base is fine, and support the outpost with a supply base and some turrets.  Mid players are usually defensive players as well.  Mid players go with the flow, and attack the base if they deem fit, and support where possible.  Defense players are the backbone of the team, and MUST stay in the base.  Trust me, it won't get boring if the other team is working right.  They are responsible for building and defending the flag if playing CTF (which I think is the most fun!). 


Now, if playing an attacker, right off the bat build a corral or garage, whatever's available, and go for the flag.  You can flank, which is usually better obviously, but go for the flag for that early point.  The other team will probably do the same, and if you're successful then they can't score as well.  Then Attackers need to focus on building vehicles and assailing the enemy base while getting some support, don't charge in thinking you'll win.  It's best to go with a group.  Mids and defenders right off should focus on a SUPPLY BASE.  This is important.  EVERY foot soldier should have at least the 3 main weapons.  Shot guns and rocket launchers come with the supply base, so spawn one first.  You don't need 2 in one base.  Just one.  Mids should then collect rift when possible and save up for building 3 things: a vulture post, outpost, and an extra supply base.  Get the vulture (which is the jetpack if you don't know) and if it's available.  Just try any way to get closer to the enemy base, but not too close.  Build an outpost somewhere and a supply base next to it.  Now, your attackers can spawn with a good loadout, and now it's easier to access the enemy base.  Usually when you're mid, it's your job to defend this outpost.  You can place a couple beam turrets as well.  But like I said, mids go with the flow and support where needed.  If the main base needs help, that's priority.  Defenders of course need the supply base as well, and they should also save up for a shield generator and build beam turrets.  Walls help as well, but NEVER forget to upgrade one of them at least to a gate.  Also, for defenders, don't build turrets in clusters.  They have such a wide range to them, they're a lot more effective spread out.  AND your team can only build 32 buildings.  Don't take up all of that space. 


For techniques on ground soldiers:  Burst fire the machine gun.  MUCH more effective at a longer range.  Also, running and gunning on this game is really effective as well, because you can jump around and be a harder target.  Use this tactic at close range.  BUT, at close range you also want a shotgun (spawns with the supply base).  The shotgun on this game has a pretty decent range compared to other shotguns in other games, and at close range it's deadly.  Once again, running and gunning is actually pretty effective with it.  This gun is the ultimate defender's weapon.  In fact, it's just good all around.  But be careful, because the machine gun DOES have better range.  The rocket launcher is very useful against vehicles...obviously.  AND it's good against buildings...obvious again.  It also works pretty well in junction with the Vulture pack.  I'm assuming you know how to work the vulture jet pack...


DON'T BUILD USELESS THINGS THAT THE TEAM DOESN'T NEED!  I can't stress this enough.  If your team ALREADY has a launchpad, DON'T build another one unless necessary.  If you find some doubled up buildings, don't be afraid to reclaim them.  This also goes back to building too many turrets...


Well, if you have any other questions let me know...I think I covered everything I wanted to...anyways, just remember, the very beginning of the game is crucial.  Attackers go out and mess with them while mids and defenders build a supply base and some walls and a few turrets.  Mids are something that I'm kind of making far players only seperate Defenders and Attackers...but I think Mids or Supports are also very important.  I usually play as a defender or Mid...but anyways, if you want, hit me up on PSN, Lockjaw2000 is the tag.


Happy hunting!!!


P.S. DON'T ask me for hawk advice...I'm a terrible flyer at the moment...

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That's great advice, thank you so much. I really love your idea of Mids, I think that's the category that I fall under so I'll definitely be taking your advice on that. I'll add you on PSN too, I'd be great to play sometime. Thank you again!
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I'm fairly new to the game as well but that sounds like great advice for CTF, I agree with mids really being the key to the game, that is kind of my mindset as I'm not great at fighting yet, but setting up a key outpost can really change the tide of the battle


Does anyone have a similar guide/tips for zones? I'm kinda lost in what to do sometimes, seems like my teams get dominated a lot....

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Zones advice would be appreciated here too! What's your current strategy SgtSutton, maybe we can swap game plans ;)
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I honestly don't know what to tell you guys for zones...I've only played like...2 games lol it was pretty hectic though.  I guess really just...make sure you have sidewinders or any other means of trasportation because it's a constant fight usually.  That's pretty obvious though XD

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I've been playing more CTF, but when I play zones I've tried building something with speed, (sidewinder, vulture) and get one of the forward bases and then do my best to just defend that one zone, once it is built up i might try for a different base, or just defend that with all i can do.  it's worked about half the time, zones seems so dependent on your team though, what have you been doing?

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Yes, Zones can't really have tips for a single person...Zones definitely needs TEAMS.  That's one thing I think we can all agree on.  Honestly on Zones, I don't have a strategy.  I more work for whatever I think is best, and I like to keep our bases "connected" instead of split.  In my experience playing it, one time they took 3 zones diagonal from each other, which cut our other 2 off from each other.  From then, they actually went to win because they had both bases at their disposal, and took one eventually.  Then they had 4 and we had 1 and just couldn't push back.  So if I had ONE tip for teams playing Zones, keep bases connected.  the middle zone is very crucial because of this.

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I would agree with keeping the zones connected, if you can do that its much easier to defend them, I think another key is to quickly capture as many as you can, makes it more likely to be able to hold them in the long run.  after some teams put up a good defense, it can be near impossible to recapture some areas. teamwork is really the key, people must use teamwork

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Cheers for the advice guys. I think i've been following similar tactics in terms of keeping bases connected, capturing bases quickly etc so it's good to know i'm doing the right thing. Thanks again!
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I would agree with keeping the zones connected, if you can do that its much easier to defend them, I think another key is to quickly capture as many as you can, makes it more likely to be able to hold them in the long run.  after some teams put up a good defense, it can be near impossible to recapture some areas. teamwork is really the key, people must use teamwork



Very good point.  It's crucial in this game that you know what you're doing right when you spawn.  Plan ahead and go for it.  Usually, if on Zones, if people are already going out I hang back and save up for a supply base to get my trusty shotgun.   Then I head out a little clean up ;)