Monday 5/7/12, JUST PICKED IT UP! Day Early!

#1 Posted by CruiserCaptain (512 posts) -

I pre-ordered from a local Game Shop (CD Game Exchange--- GREAT Place.) and although it appears I do not get the GameStop pre-order bonus I'm still happy. Because GameStop didn't get my business and we ALL know the dlc will be sold as regular dlc in the future. So they got their shipment in today and I was able to pick it up.

FYI: It's Online Pass Required for Online Play (One time only redeem code so make sure it's on the account you want to play on)

And there is a 450MB patch to download right away, and with current high speed internet it still appears to take about 30-40 minutes atleast.

Have fun guys and hopefully some girls. See you on the field.

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Just picked it up today. How are you liking it so far? I played very little warhawk and found it cool yet way too hard to learn with no single player. I hope this game sells well and gets a good online community.