Stargunner Cheats For PC

  1. Two weapons for the price of one!

    Quite a simple one, this. After you buy a weapon and attach it to your ship, you can get a second one FREE. Just click on 'SWAP' then when the second weapon is stuck onto the ship, quickly press P to start playing. You will start the next level with 2 of the same weapon. This is also a good way of saving up credits with out using the cheat mode, without the high score turning off.

    Contributed by: Cabbage2001 

  2. Bottom Sidearms Cheat Codes

    Enter "imabigcheat" during pause mode to enable cheats (you will hear a bell and your score will disappear) and type the following:

    Code Effect
    b00 Remove Bottom Sidearm
    b01 Credit Drone
    b02 Plasma Bomb
    b03 Evolter
    b04 Matter Disrupter
    b05 Rebounder
    b06 A-Matt Boomerang
    b07 Fragmentor BE800
    b08 Bi Particle Cannon
    b09 Flamer
    b10 Ion Cannon
    b11 Magnum 3000DX
    b12 Dual Laser
    b13 Torpedo Launcher
    blast Full powerup of the current main weapon
    plasma Selects plasma main weapon (blue wide fire)
    pulse Selects pulse main weapon (red stream fire)
    cash Mega credits, gives you 5,000 credits.
    flames Ship becomes invincible for a short time.
    nuke Full nukes; gives you up to 4 nukes
    life Extra Life
    warpto# Warp to any level in current episode where # is a level from 1 to 9
    impulse Gives Standard Impulser
    ioniser Gives Hydrogen Ioniser
    megapulse Gives Megapulse 2000
    gravdis Gives Gravdis 5
    ener Enertron Satellite
    mine Mineslammer Satellite
    dyna Dynamo 500 Satellite
    t00 Removes Top Sidearm
    t01 Credit Drone
    t02 Plasma Bomb
    t03 Evolter
    t04 Matter Disrupter
    t05 Rebounder
    t06 A-Matt Boomerang
    t07 Fragmentor BE800
    t08 Bi Particle Cannon
    t09 Flamer
    t10 Ion Cannon
    t11 Magnum 3000DX
    t12 Dual Laser
    t13 Torpedo Launcher

    Contributed by: Pleinair 

  3. Infinite money while in the shop

    Start a single player game on any difficulty, get past the shop and start a level, then exit back to the main menu. Start a new game, or load an old game and proceed to the shop. Press "5" on the Number Pad on your keyboard to receive 5,000 credits each time. If only need to start a game then exit once per game session, because it will not work the first time you play for the session.

    Code Effect
    Press 5 on the number pad while in the shop. 5,000 Credits

    Contributed by: zeroatu