Undead Outbreak

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Anyone here play the Brood War map, Undead Outbreak? Well I've been playing a lot of it lately and am pleased to announce that myself and four others now hold the second highest score in the history of that map. We have just submitted the replay to the map maker via e-mail and he is going to include us in the mission briefing in the next version of the game. Our team got to level 29 (and could have went on for much longer), what's the highest level you've reached? The five great players who pulled off this incredible feat are: BudZMckenzie @ USEast EmSanity @ USEast Haylie @ USEast SwaziSpring @ USEast WA-TUnglskin @ USEast Here is the replay: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22502749/Undead+Outbreak.zip
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You knew no one goes here anymore nad you made an account just to make this post that no one gives a fuck about....dont see the point. Screw star craft blizzard killed it after waiting over a decade to make it.