The war between the Good and Evil continues in the stars

User Rating: 9 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
The game focuses on the Starcraft Hero, Jim Raynor. The world need Jimmy because the Dominions are overwhelming the people. Jimmy and his men, Raynor's Raiders, started a Campaign by raiding some of Dominion bases. The bases do have people who rebel against the Dominion but theirs nothing they could do because they lack manpower and firepower. But when Jimmy starts raiding the bases, the rebels was motivated defend their territory and have their firepower. Despite of the happenings, most of the people(not the rebels) belief that the Dominions are the good ones and Jim was the evil. There was a part of the campaign that they need to defend until reinforcement arrive. The reinforcement was a Hyperion that was commanded by Matt Horner. Their were plenty of features in the Hyperion. And in the Hyperion you could choose your missions, and each mission will unlock new units. As the campaign continue, it was featured in the news about the rising of the zergs which was lead by Sarah Louise Kerrigan, also known as "Kerrigan" and "Queen of Blades." Kerrigan starts invading the Dominions for the search of Xel'Naga artifact which she will make her powerful. However, Jimmy is also searching the artifacts to be used against Kerrigan. So the race began.

There are plenty of twist in the story. What I've written is just the beginning of the story. If your curious enough of whats in the Hyperion, How the story ends, why Kerrigan became the Queen of Blades, and what are the new units available and their ability, then you better stop reading my blog and open your piggy bank and buy STARCRAFT II

Here's a website if you really want to know more details about the story of Starcraft