I was expecting a bigger story. But its still a blizzard game that has many thrills to offer.

User Rating: 9 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
Gameplay:Easy for the beginners and through difficulty settings challenging for the experienced players.

Length:The single player campaign is a lot smaller than I anticipated, most missions are time based and somewhat out of central story.But there are a lot of cutscenes between misions and increased replayability because of achivements.

Graphics: Good graphics and Environment.

Bugs:No bugs cause its a blizzard game...

As I said I am a little disapointed from the single player campaign. Heroes take part in very few missions and the story does't seem to be so tight as in the original SC. There are a lot of new things to deal with such as achivements and upgrades that take part between missions.One other "bad" thing is that the strategy that the player must apply in missions is almost completely directed. You cannot win the mission if you dont have the special unit needed. So what you have to do is make masses of 1 specific unit and complete the objective. In SC I there was much greater flexibility.

In multiplayer the game is quick enough to make expirienced players frenzy and begginers ungry.There are new units and new enchantmets (like high yield minerals) but nothing so special and revolutionary as in original SC.

SC was my favorite game at its time... I am sad that I cannot say the same for SC II...