A good game but it has its flaws

User Rating: 9 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
A week ago i had picked up starcraft 2. with only halo wars as my only other RTS experience i didn't know exactly what to expect. but i was blown away and found myself staying up way past then when I was intending to. Right away the campaign starts out a little slow but it picks up and is wonderful and has a good "fill in" system to update players new to starcraft. its immersive and keeps you wanting to play with a great story and returning characters that come in and play their roles just right. the multiplayer is another beast of its own. if you are a returning starcraft vet you'll have no problem jumping right in. But if your new to the genre or series there are a great set pf tutorials that will give a great look at multiplayer and how to play, they also give 50 free unranked matches that don't count so you play other people with their 50 free matches as well. but after you skip or play all the matches you join the ranked matches and gotta start really playing. in conclusion starcraft 2 is a great game with a great campaign addictive multiplayer and doesn't require a 1500 dollar system to play. Score:9 out of 10. go pick this game up