Collecting replays for #SkillCraftCa SC2 expertise study

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 We are researchers at the Cognitive Science Lab at SFU conducting a large-scale study on the development of expertise in SC2. This is done by taking replay files and measuring key variables such as Perception Action Cycles. See here for a more detailed overview of our research objectives. Please also view our interview on the Daily Planet. Thanks to the online community, we received over 4400 replay files from players during our first data collection period. During this first collection period, we asked players to submit a single replay file along with his or her respective in-game ranking. Here are some interesting findings from the data so far! For the data collection period on now, we are aiming for a more accurate picture of skill development by measuring skill development at a more individual level. To achieve this we are looking for players who have kept a large collection of personal replay files (300+)! We need your help in collecting these replays. Please spread the word and encourage players to submit replay files to Follow our Twitter SkillCraftCa for more updates. If you use Twitter, the easiest way to help is by re-tweeting our posts! Thanks for your support! Please direct any questions to our either our Facebook page or our Reddit thread.
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To be honest you should have gone with supreme commander forged alliance for this study. SupCom is a much harder game to master, it has a larger scale, and requires more thinking in the end. The resource system is more complicated, and you need to multitask 200 times more than in starcraft 2.